Hassan ElDesouky
Hassan ElDesouky

Hassan ElDesouky

About Me

I'm a software engineer at Apple, previously I was an iOS software engineer at Instabug. I studied computer science at Kafrelsheikh University. I started learning iOS development in 2017, and have been fascinated by how Apple build beautiful apps that have a great user interface and an intuitive user experience.

After I learned some basics of iOS development I started a personal blog to share what I’ve been doing or learning. An example of that is that; I use Apple's Voice Memos application a lot and since I started learning iOS development I have always wanted to create an audio recorder with audio visualization but I wasn’t able to find any tutorials on how to build such thing, so I started doing it myself and after I reached an acceptable result I wrote an article about the whole process.


I have experience in iOS development and an interest in developer tools and low level programming like compilers, debuggers, and operating systems:

  • Currently, I'm an iOS Software Engineer at Instabug.
  • I was an iOS Software Engineering Intern at Instabug from Jan 2021 to Jun 2021.
  • In the summer of 2020, I was a Google Summer of Code student at Apple's Swift Compiler.

Open Source

I've contributed to a few open source projects like:

  • Swift Compiler: More than 20 merged pull requests in the Compiler and Swift Standard Library. I worked on the Localization of Compiler Diagnostic Messages.
  • LLVM: Added support for multi-line YAML literal folding support.


In 2020, I won an Apple WWDC20 Scholarship Award.

I also participated in major programming competitions like ECPC, Google Code Jam, Google Hash Code, and Facebook Hacker Cup.

Podcasts and Webinars

Extracurricular Activities

I have a passion for helping people start their journey with coding and software engineering. Therefore, I've been doing a lot of extracurricular activities and volunteering.