All the major projects I’ve worked on in the past.

Developed a reminder app with the ability to make reminders with voice recording and with location based notifications.
Technologies Used: Swift, UIKit, MapKit, Speech, AVFoundation, In-App Purchases, CloudKit, CoreData, Local and Remote Notification, Instabug.
Developed a clone of the original Apple’s Voice Memos app that supports audio visualizing while recording.
Technologies Used: Swift, UIKit.
Developed an iOS application with Swift to get GitHub user’s repositories and get other user’s public repositories.
Technologies Used: Swift, UIKit, WebKit, Networking, GitHub API, GitHub OAuth.
Developed the icon-creating system of Apple's Shortcuts app.
Technologies Used: Swift, UIKit.
Rotate images inside of Facebook.
Technologies Used: JavaScript, ChromeExtension.
Wrote a script to get a file contains names and links to all of my liked songs on Soundcloud.
Technologies Used: Python, Scripting.
BigInteger Class for C++ to deal with very large integers.
Technologies Used: C++.

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